The Druidcraft Fellowship

Welcome, Hail and Merry Meet!

In the magick and mystery of the Elder Ways, we greet you, the traveler, and invite you to become a part of the Ancient Ways; heir to the sacred traditions of the Druids, Priests of the Craft, and all the Elder Wise Ones who continue to guide our path today.

Our Coven worships according to a distinctly Celtic tradition, aiming to explore the magick of both Wicca and Druidism together; a harmony we have come to know as "Druidcraft." Our name, "Anamastia," derives from the Gaelic word "Anam," meaning "spirit," and the Finish word "astia," meaning "sacred vessel."

In our daily lives, our aim is to teach and to advance for our members a rich, spiritual folklife—bringing the magick and mystery of the elder ways into every day life—based on teachings and practices adapted from ancient Celtic, Western and Indo-European traditions. This involves above all, cultivating a strong personal devotion and tangible sense of communion with the Gods of Old.

Together as a coven, we focus on establishing a rich heritage of liturgical expression, well-performed ritual observance and magick, and seek to promote a strong unity of purpose, belief, and mutual respect.