Council of Elders

Rev. E.J. OakLore

OakLore completed his undergraduate and graduate studies with Covenant of Avalon Theological Seminary where he received his Master of Arts in Religious and Metaphysical Philosophy. In May of 2017, Rev. OakLore will be honored by the Dodecatheon College Hellenic Orthodox School of Theology with a Doctorate of Ministry, recognizing his two decades-worth of accomplishments in ministry and volunteer service to the Pagan community.
He is a published writer, philosopher, poet, singer, and artist. In his metaphysical practice, OakLore is a bard, liturgist, shaman, singer, drummer, and Reiki practitioner.
OakLore has been a frequent commentator in local and national media, helping to educate the public and correct misinformation about Pagan beliefs and practices. He has appeared on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, and his remarks have been published by the Associated Press, the Albany Times Union, The New York Daily News, and The Washington Post. He writes a celebrated blog on Earth-based spirituality and Neopaganism called Into The Nemeton.

Bro. E. G. "Logos" Stolte

Bro. Logos is a founding member of Heart of Manannán Coven in northeast Florida and a close personal friend of Rev. OakLore. He is an ardent student of the Gnostic mysteries and aspiring clergy of The Druidcraft Fellowship.
Bro. Logos is a talented ritual leader and has been a dedicated volunteer in the local Pagan community. He has been invaluable in helping to guide the spiritual direction of the fellowship and aims to start his own coven in the future. He has raised three sons, now all grown, and enjoys surfing, fishing, nature, and writing.


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