Our History

he Druidcraft Fellowship began as the Fellowship of Anamastia Coven, formed in the spring of 2008 by Rev. E.J. OakLore.

Roughly a year before, Rev. OakLore and a friend of his began imagining a coven the would be dedicated to exploring Wicca and Druidry together, a harmony he had come to call “Druidcraft”, after the book by Philip Carr-Gomm. The idea was motivated by people who OakLore had met in his travels, who were seeking ways to explore and practice both paths. Both Carr-Gomm and OakLore believed this not only to be possible, but that a powerful way to connect people with the magick of both traditions could be cultivated from the many points of connection between them.

In the spring of 2007 work began on drafting bylaws and rituals for the Coven. It would be another year before an organizational meeting was successfully planned, however.

The Coven held its first meeting on May 3rd, 2008 in Granville, New York. During this meeting, a young man, Draig Teine, became the first Dedicant of Fellowship of Anamastia. For the first year, the Coven had only a hand-full of comers and goers, but held regular rituals in celebration of the sabbats.

In March of 2009, a handful of Coven folk gathered to celebrate the vernal equinox. Present at the ritual were visitors from another burgeoning group in the area, to whom the Coven folk took an immediate liking. FoA and the other local group began to meet together for joint events, and found in their shared fellowship a great kinship and energy.

Fellowship of Anamastia officially merged with Temple of the Sacred Earth Trinity during the rites of Midsummer, 2009.

The partnership, though a happy one, was short-lived. By autumn equinox of that year, divisions over the group’s spiritual emphasis moved Fellowship of Anamastia to elect to separate from TSET, though the two groups maintain a warm ecumenical friendship.

The newly reformed Coven met at Samhain, 2009, at Crandall Park in Hudson Falls, New York, with a surprising turnout. Almost immediately, several newcomers dedicated to the Coven and Fellowship of Anamastia was up and running again. Months later, all of the original members had rejoined the Coven.
      In the summer of 2010, the Coven began holding its events in downtown Albany. The move brought several newcomers to the circle.

Over the years the Coven has enjoyed a strong fellowship and the participation and support of others in the community representing other groups and traditions. We call these good folk, “friends of the Coven”. Responding in kind, members of Fellowship of Anamastia regularly participate in the activities of other groups in the Capital Region area, and enjoy supporting the work of the local, wider Pagan community. Members of Fellowship of Anamastia are active participants and organizers with the Assembly of Capital Region Pagans, which organizes the area’s Pagan community-wide Harvest Moot, as well as other events.

In the spring of 2014, Rev. OakLore moved to northeastern Florida and founded a second Fellowship of Anamastia Coven, called Heart of Manannán. Heart of Manannán took off immediately, blessed by folks who came eager to be a part of our tradition, and who have given so selflessly of themselves. The members in Florida enjoy meeting regularly on the sabbats, esbats and for socials, workshops, and classes at each others' homes and the occasional ritual on the beach.

Between 2014 and the 2016, the upstate New York coven went inactive, as Pagan groups sometimes do. Consequentially, the parent church board began to feel that "Fellowship of Anamastia" should be dropped from the church's name. The parent church officially became The Druidcraft Fellowship in the winter of 2016.

Of course, the history of The Druidcraft Fellowship continues to write itself. As the wheel turns, moving us through the seasons of our lives, new events and new people continue to shape who we are and where we are going. But one thing remains steadfast, thanks in no small part to the zeal of our founder, that The Druidcraft Fellowship is, in a very real sense, a family. And as a family we are, by the grace of the Gods, united together in purpose and spirit.

May it always be so!

Thank You for reading.   Blessed Be!

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