Community Outreach

hether within local Pagan circles or in the wider community as a whole, Fellowship of Anamastia has always sought to do good in the community. We believe in maintaining a strong program of outreach, whether supporting the work of community charities, or providing pastoral care and counseling — for free — to those in need, regardless of their faith.

Why do we emphasize the "for free" part? We have seen that many Pagan groups charge non-members for the work of their clergy. While that may be acceptable practice to some degree, with donations going to support the work of the group as a whole, the amount being charged can — and often does — get out of hand. With individual practitioners (not affiliated with a group) in particular, we have seen this on a truly shameful level; people with a meaningless online ordination credential charging upward of $800 to perform handfastings, $400 for a tarot reading, etc.

The Druidcraft Fellowship believes it is wrong to profiteer in the vocation of clergy. To be ordained is to receive a very special blessing. It should be a recognition of, and a calling to, selfless service to the Gods and the community. For this reason, The Druidcraft Fellowship does not charge for the pastoral care given by our clergy, regardless of membership. Are donations gratefully accepted? Of course, but they are not insisted upon.

Among the services we provide freely* to the community are:
❧   Pastoral counseling & divination
❧   Hospital visitation
❧   Metaphysical advice, teaching, mentoring, etc.
❧   Rites of passage for infants and children
❧   Weddings / handfastings
❧   End of life, funeral and interment rites
❧   Energetic healing such as Reiki, Reflexology, chakra attunement, and / or advice and counseling on holistic healing methods

* (For healing services such as those mentioned above, depending on the frequency and the practitioner, a small fee may be requested. This is because healing takes a considerable amount of energy and talent, and it is work that takes a considerable toll on the practitioner. For that reason we believe it is reasonable to ask for compensation for the practitioner's work. This is usually understood to be a sliding scale fee, however, based on the ability of the client to pay. Many practitioners will also barter for their work.)

As part of its community outreach, The Druidcraft Fellowship actively supports the work of other fellowships in the local Pagan community through its local congregations. Heart of Manannán Coven is a member organization of the NE Florida Pagan Leadership Coalition.

Thank You for reading.   Blessed Be!

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